Hello, World!

I'm Sam

Developing software as a hobby.

I hope to build impactful and practical products.

About Me

Hi! I am Sam, a student passionate about computer science, engineering, and creating.
I am always looking for learning opportunities to reach my ambitious goal of contributing to society through the power of technology.

I created this site to share my experiences, show you what I have done, and post what I have been working on.

Here are some languages, frameworks, and tools I know

My programming journey started in grade 4. Since then, I have picked up many valuable skills.
This list will expand as I continue my journey looking for opportunities.

* Technically not programming languages, but I am putting them in anyways.

My Projects

I like to build things by tinkering and improving it as I learn more things.
Experimentation allows me to learn new concepts and skills and to reinforce older ones I might have forgotten.

I want to use my skills to create impactful and useful things.

Here are some things I have built

Although it may not look impressive, all are small steps towards a big goal.
This list will expand as I sift though all my projects.

Dot Score

Python | Discord Bot

The Dot Score icon

Dot Score is a Discord utility bot build with Disnake for my study group. Dot Score logs your progress and keeps you on track on homework.

Diamond Nuggets

Java | Minecraft Mod

The Diamond Nuggets icon

My most popular creation with over 200K downloads. A Minecraft mod that adds Diamond Nuggets. Useful as currency on multiplayer communities.

Personal Website

HTML, CSS, JavaScript | Website

The Personal Website icon

You are here right now! My personal website showcases my skills, works, and information about me. Built with Svelte and styled with TailwindCSS.

Furnideco (Fabric)

Java | Minecraft Mod (On Hold)

The Furnideco (Fabric) icon

I am collaborating with @arexon to bring Furnideco, his furniture addon for Minecraft Bedrock, to Minecraft Java.

My Scrapbook

The scrapbook is where I document my progress and learning.
Click here to see my full Scrapbook.

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Here is what I have been up to

Interested in something you see? Come chat with me on the Hack Club Slack, or contact me.