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High-school hackathon

Outside Shopify, with the Apocalypse sign.
Before the event started, with the slideshow.
Participants chatting.
Lots of snacks.
The main page of the Apocalypse website.
The event info page of the Apocalypse website which contains the event schedule.

I helped organize Apocalypse, a zombie-apocalypse themed coding event where 150 high-school students built their wildest ideas.

It was 44 hours of coding, workshops, and crazy activities at Shopify’s Toronto office. We had lots of hardware, a custom card game, a custom PCB badge, and most impressively, an economy that evolved into something we did not expect.

This was a ambitious and unique event, and I’m so proud to be part of its creation.

As of writing, Apocalypse is the largest high-school hackathon in Canada, running overnight for 44 hours from May 17, with 150 participants, 40 projects shipped, and CA$48,000 in funding from Hack Club. Thank you to Hack Club, Shopify, our organizing team, and our participants for making this event what it is.

I was responsible for the tech for the event. Specifically, I focused on the development of the website, organization and tracking of our budget, and the submission & voting systems for projects. Be on the lookout for a write-up on these!